Mix Logs

Go for a ride

Current Status | Done, but not publishing to distrokid.

There were 2 main things I wanted to do with this track, first was to give rapping an honest try, I still may rework the lyrics, its repetitive, but I think most of the flow and vocal tones are where I want them. The second thing is I want to start compiling some ultra simple tracks, that are essentially layers of loops with the exceptions of the vocals and automatons.

I’ts a live performance track

The reason for this is to get a small pile of tracks that can be done fairly easily in a one man live-stream show environment. I would like to try a streaming show with a novation launchpad on ableton live, Reason running as a VST on it to power the sounds of the midi keyboard, with live looped bass lines, and live vocals. I am fairly sure I can execute this track with the set up, the one note bassline was also designed so it could be played with one hand (an open e string).

On the Lyrics

This started out as ‘I wanna do one of those Beck – Loser style nonsense raps’. Where the words just kind of sound cool and flow in a memorable way, but don’t add up to mean anything at all. As I went along I started to kind of actually tell a story, the current version is kind of a bit of both the beck idea, and driving around with friends on a joyride.