Hi, I’m Mark.

Somewhat Incognito is my hobby music project. The main goal of the project is to produce, and release, 2 high quality tracks each month. I am a life long bass player and love electric bass guitar. Most of my tracks prominently feature electric bass playing.

It’s about the journey.

Each track aims to try to learn something new about songwriting or music production and to incrementally improve the produced sound track by track.

My main goal is to have fun making music as a hobby. My secondary goal is to find an audience for the tracks I am producing, and see if I can grow it. I am working to have a distinct sonic profile, that has a signature sound, but can explore many varying paces and vibes.

It’s a music blog.

I’m trying to make my process of working on my production skills and songwriting an open forum that tells the story in a way that it is interesting and fun to follow.

Each track follows a schedule:

  1. Concept Development: I come up with ideas
  2. Structure Complete: All the parts of the song where they go
  3. Post track to soundcloud.
  4. Closed Feedback: I may get feedback on discord or from friends
  5. Mixing Phase: Start fine tuning the mix.
  6. Make Revisions: Make changes, swap every change I do on soundcloud, and write notes about each change I make in the blog.
  7. Open Feedback: I post to IMF Reddit
  8. Make More Revisions: more changes, continuing to swap files on soundcloud and leaving updates and notes
  9. Publish track on DistroKid

Where you can find me.

I am an active member of the Indie Music Feedback Reddit & Discord communities, and often participate in community events that are featured in tracks I produce along the journey.

Soundcloud is what I consider to be the primary platform, because of its social nature, and the blog-like style of this project – it allows me to leave notes and swap files and have a place where people can follow that.

All tracks get published to DistroKid, even when im not fully happy with the mix (all the time).